Jun 17, 2010

Magnifier lamp

No matter if you are jewelry designer, draftsmen, model maker or an artist, some tools are irreplaceable if you are working with small details. By magnifying and lighting the details on your work piece, magnifier lamp prevents your eyes from straining, allowing you to work longer without feeling tired and making your job or hobby much easier and faster.
Depending on the room on your desk, your preferences and needs you can select one of the following magnifier lamp types:
1. Lamp with a stand is great if you change your location often. They are usually the most affordable, as well. The problem with them is that they will take some space on your desk and handling them will often demand that you use both hands thus requiring to let go of your current work in order to adjust the lamp.
2. Next, in the price range, is a lamp that attaches to your desk using screws or a clamp. By fixing the base of the lamp to the table you can use it's long floating arm to adjust your viewpoint. Professional models are very precise and can be instantly and easily adjusted.
3. In case you need every inch of your desk's space, the best option for you would be floor-standing magnifier lamp. Often used by medical, dental, cosmetology and manufacturing professionals who are seeking high-clarity magnification and illuminated views. These lamps have rugged steel construction and counterbalancing springs and joints for easier adjustment. High-quality lenses are made of excellent optical glass that have almost zero dispersion and reflection.

When buying magnifier lamp there are three things that you should pay attention to:
1.magnifying glass
2.light bulb
3.mechanical parts

Magnifying glass is commonly around five or six inches in diameter. This is the part that you don't want to save on because the high quality lens makes your work more comfortable and your eyes less stressed. If you are going to spend large amount of time daily using the lamp then our suggestion would be to invest in the high quality product.
Magnifier lamps use various types and sizes of light bulbs, ranging from the incandescent bulbs, halogen lights, LED lights to fluorescent and full spectrum bulbs. Incandescent bulbs are less used these days because they produce a lot of heat, which can be annoying because you usually use the lamp close to your face. Full spectrum bulbs are very useful for artists in order to make sure that the colors they use appear in their natural hue.
Mechanical parts affect the stability of the lamp and lens and the simplicity of usage. High quality springs and joints help you position the lens. The more rugged the construction is the less the lamp will move, once you position it.

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